Cameron Highland 102


1. Early in the morning Candle and Joey sent us to Medan Kidd to take the earliest bus which is at 8am to Cameron Highlands. Before that we had a sumptious and wonderful breakfast which just cost me RM5 only. I know Ning wanted to belanja all of us but it is not good to ask a student to treat people for no reason right?

2. Yes thank God there is a bus to go to Cameron that day, and it arrive right at the exact time, after 5 minutes we depart, not slower and later than that, how nice it is to have such punctual driver and comfortable big bus! I slept throughout the whole journey until i am bummed because the road was too steep and rocky and not straight. I almost vomit in the bus.

3. Our hotel- Green Garden Hotel is the most strategic place to stay at. We arrive at 10am, and we arrive 2 hours earlier than the check-in time. So we decided to have a tour inside the Brinchang area. Discovered a lot of places in walking distance: We bought our return bus ticket in the near by shop, along the way to go to the shop i saw the famous and highly-recommended-by-blogger restaurant whereby we can settle our dinner at, Restaurant You Hoo. Everything is just walking distance!

4. We decided to take a short walking to discover any places that we manage to. We discovered golf field, Indian temple, a lot of shops, and most importantly, we are so lucky to go to the Big Red Strawberry Farm!

5. Big Red Strawberry Farm
This will be the place that i heart the most! There is a swarm of people inside, and there is a drive through for their famous handmade strawberry series delicacies! We ordered strawberry pancake, strawberry waffle, strawberry sundae, strawberry fried ice cream, and turns out that, strawberry is sour, but the ice cream was sweet! And they made a nice combo out of it!

6. Cactus Valley
This cactus valley is just below the Big Red Strawberry Farm, whereby here there sell a lot of cactus plantation, which are colorful delicate as well. There were taken good care by the owner i would say. And they were not cheap you see.

7. Green Garden Hotel
This is where we spend our whole night here. Not so luxurious but it provides the basic needs of us by having a comfy bed, hot shower, television and a window, which provide the natural air condition for us. Owner was very nice, and they even send in the the insulated bottle to us.

8. Smokehouse
After rested for one hour, whereby we barely and hardly pull ourselves up after a nice and cozy cool nap, we decided to walked to Smokehouse, one of the tourist attraction in Cameron Highlands, but it is 3km distance from our place, and it was so rare that everyone agree to walk that far just for the sake of Smokehouse.

Too bad the waiter said we can’t go inside to take picture even though if we order tea and scones, we must be the patrons or stay at least one night inside, or else we wont be able to take the picture inside. It was really beautiful, as what i can see from outside. It is just like the retro classic Britain style of house, white chair and table in the balcony, with small swing, and lots of beautifully taken care flora.

9. Healthy Strawberry Farm
We made up our mind to go to have a try on the Healthy Strawberry Farm whereby we knew the name by the board at the roadside, and what attracted us, is the HANDPICK moment. Turns out, we almost half dead climbing up to the top of the hill to find this place. The strawberry here is not ripe, so even though we can pick, we are unable to do so, and they are locked ==. so what is the point? And the food here are less variety than Strawberry Moment some more, only famous for the Strawberry ice cream. Argh.

10. Big Beautiful House
What impressed us, is the structure of the buildings here. Rumah Pahang, Rumah Perdana Menteri, White House, Kempel Villa, Hotel, Rumah Persekutuan etc etc. They are amazingly beautiful.

11. Strawberry Moment
Everyone was very frustrated because we walked so far just to go Smokehouse but turns out that our effort and hardwork gone in vain. And we decided to have high tea before we had our dinner. That is the time whereby we suggest to go to another strawberry themed cakehouse, Strawberry Moment. It took quite a time of us to find that place. And with some aunties and uncles help, we manage to discovered another land in Brinchang, which is just behind our hotel. We tried the blueberry strudel and Strawberry pudding-like dessert, Strawberry Inspired. Its quite expensive and less variety here, compared to Big Red Strawberry Farm. Not bad though.

12. Restaurant You Hoo
Know this restaurant from few bloggers, which i believe rather than those in the website though. They said they have the best 龙须菜 in the town and few other dishes, and we are half dead after eating so many things.

13. Pasar Malam
It was so God Bless to discover that the legendary pasar malam in Brinchang is open in a weekday! And luckily, the owner of the Restaurant You Hoo told us before we depart to hotel to have a nice cozy sleep. Thank God for everything you see! Its ticking with rain drops, but we continued to have a nice squeezing and strolling with people around us. We basically ate everything from there: Sweet Potato Ball, strawberries, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes. And i found a round black sunglasses! And after some bargain, she decided to sell it to me for RM 10 😀

14. Mamak
We wanted to find Roti Prata, turns out, they dont have it here. Trolled.

15. Rose Farm

16. Butterfly Farm

17. Strawberry Farm

18. Honey Bee Farm

19. BOH Tea Plantation

20. Pasar Pagi
We finally found the last food that we must eat: STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM! Mission accomplished!

22. Tanah Rata
Actually nothing to see in Tanah Rata, too bad we didnt manage to eat the best Strawberry cheese cake in the town according to SK. But its alright, i can almost tour finish the whole place just by walking.

Thank God for the safe and fruitful trip.

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