Cameron Highlands 101



  • Bus depart from Medan Kidd at 8am, reached Brinchang at 10am.(Bring own plastic bag in case you are any-transportation-sick like me)


  • We stayed in Brinchang. Walking distance to Pasar Malam. Behind it was another small pasar. Everything in pasar was cheaper ma.
  • Green Garden Hotel- near by shop lots which is very convenient; bought our return bus ticket to Ipoh in the shop lots; Restaurant Yoohoo(highly recommended dining restaurant) is only 2 minutes walk! And it provide a package of RM25 per person to tour a lot of places.


  • Pasar malam: Strawberries
  • Pasar malam: More Strawberries
  • Pasar malam: Super more strawberries
  • Big Red Strawberry Farm: Strawberries related food: strawberry pancake, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry waffle, strawberry sundae, strawberry fried ice cream, and turns out that, strawberry is sour, but the ice cream was sweet! And they made a nice combo out of it!
  • Pasar malam: Sweet Potato balls
  • Pasar malam: Sweet Corn
  • Pasar malam: Cherry Tomatoes
  • Pasar malam: Vegetables
  • Restaurant Yoohoo: 龙须菜, dragon beard vegetable fried with salty egg. SUPERB.
  • Pasar malam: Honey Comb


  • Big Red Strawberry Farm
  • Pasar Malam
  • Butterfly Farm
  • Honey Bee Farm
  • BOH Tea Plantation
  • Smokehouse (they will ban you for going in, but we learnt from another tour guide that if you buy a cup of tea from them they will allow you to go in, but the cup of tea can cost you a lot of your strawberries, didnt manage to go in because the staff discriminate us as not-adult TT)
  • Cactus Valley

Take Note

  • Pasar malam only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
  • The place where tour guide offer you to go is overpriced. Do research before you accept.
  • 2D1N is enough really!
  • Your kakiS should really siao siao like you!
  • Tanah Rata is a good place also, but we chose Brinchang because everything is walking distance.

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