Genting Highlands 101

One word to describe? Fantastic!

We asked bui to chauffeur us to Ipoh KTMB Train Station at 4am in the morning. Thunderstorm and lightning followed. I was wondering whether i should go to Genting the morning i woke up.

Anyway, we didn’t miss the train, plus, the station is operating at 4am, just like the web had described! We were wondering whether the station will operate at this early hour but praise the Lord!

We reached KL Sentral around 730pm. Quickly as fast as we run, we went to the Go Genting counter real fast to book the ticket to Genting at 8am. Unfortunately, a very rude aunty at the counter was asking us to come over again because she was not sure whether there is bus on 930am instead of 11am. We were thinking of our alternative places we can go if there is no extra bus on 9.30am.

Fortunately, we have.

Reached Genting at 10.30am. We were lucky because from the uncle in the cable car, the night before Genting rained, this morning Genting is blanketed with mist. We were definitely protected by God because the time when we went up, is sunny!

Played all the thrills except for the spinner due to maintenance.

Thrills Rides:

Pirate Ship
Sungai Rejang Flume Ride
Grand Prix Fun Kart
Space Shot
Bumper Boat
Flying Coaster

Everything worth screaming!

And, we waited an hour just to play the Grand Pix, worth it.

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