Genting Highlands 102

Planner (One Day Trip):


  • From UTP, our friend Yik Chieng fetched the three of us to Ipoh Train Station at 4am >< (we not really sure whether Batu Gajah Train Station operate at that early hour but turns out that yea) Thanks Bui!
  • ETS at 5am. Reached KL Sentral 7.30am
  • Planned to buy 8am Go Genting Package, but sold.
  • 9.30am we depart from KL Sentral by Go Genting bus.
  • Reached there 11am.
  • Saw the first outdoor playground at 11.30am. I remembered i screamed (-.-) I am almost 20 years old that time.


  • I been in Genting once before. Find it quite overpriced. Since its only one day trip, i bought crackers and my own meal before hand.


  • Pirate Ship: I am the kind of person who likes extremes but scare of it. Thus i sit quite front. I already feel like vomiting. And my friends can testify my almost-green face.
  • Sungai Rejang Flume Ride: It was a 3 person ride ( WE ARE LUCKY!) They assigned me to sit in front so they won’t get that wet since i am the organizer (-.-) Turns out, i am the one driest (because i duck everytime when the water splashed HAHAHAHAHAHA) still think it very funny hehe.
  • Corkscrew: I hardly breath when the ride shoot down! My lung is out of air due to extreme screaming. No photos can be taken cause they want everything which are not attaching to your body to be put aside.
  • Grand Prix Fun Kart: Waited for more than one hour just to ride and experience self as a F1 competitor haha!
  • Space Shot: Can you imagine yourself in a big glass jar like ticklebell in Peter Pan? Yea and some one giant shakes the jar of glass and you are inside! That is the thrill yo.
  • Bumper Boat: We are queuing with 7 years old kids, how wonderful is that hahahaha.
  • Flying Coaster: Almost similar like Corkscrew. The difference is, you will experience free fall here!

Take Note:

  • Food here is expensive ahha
  • Choose a sunny day, if not your ticket is wasted
  • Book your package earlier
  • Try to choose weekdays instead of weekends or public holidays (if you know what i mean)
  • Choose time when is during Promotion (like digi promotion now)

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