Perlis 101



  • Took bus to Perlis from Medan Gopeng in Ipoh.
  • Took round 6 hours to reach Perlis (WOW)


  • I am lucky to stay with Chia Wei, really super model pretty hottie in our uni. So i save a lot for accommodation and transportation around Perlis


  • Restuarant Hai Tien: The best in Perlis! I am too lucky because Chia Wei’s father is doing business in fish market so i got to taste the freshest fish of the whole world!
  • Fish, crabs, prawn. The drink i am not sure what it called but is greeny, should be plum juice. AND IT WAS AMAZINGLY FRESHENING! (hehe try see other table and talk to the waiter?)

Places To Go

  • Restaurant Hai Tien
  • Kuala Perlis town (not much, no cinema, no macd, but the people and serenity, is awesome)
  • Langkawi (from Perlis you don’t need much time travelling by ferry compared to from Kedah) Too bad i was in a rush schedule. Will blog about it when i got the chance.
  • Padang Besar (near Thailand Border): shop whatever you want! You can get a fluffy bear like my size (i am 150cm) for not even RM50!

Take Note

  • Transportation is a crucial here. I am lucky because i have a best mate staying Perlis!
  • Not for extremist.
  • If you have passport, go thailand yo!

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