Perlis 102

I went to Perlis with my uni mate, gorgeous pretty friend of mine, Chia Wei.

She is a super hosts, her family members are! But i have language barrier with them: I couldn’t speak Hokkien or fluent Malay, that is why i hardly communicate with her parents >< (will try to improve myself)

Her parents came on time to pick us up. They were talking Hokkien, i almost cried out because i couldn’t communicate with them (you see i am a talkative type of person, imagine you have language barrier in a group and you feel so sorry for your mouth!)

After we dropped down our belonging in Chia Wei’s place, we headed straight to Restaurant Hai Tien. Trust me, it is the best, highly recommended Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Perlis, and best part of it, is IT IS HALAL! So come come!

We went to visit Gua Kelam the next day. Too bad the Gua is under maintenance that time (haih) but i will surely revisit Perlis once more. So what we can do is to enjoy the serenity, the park, the streams and the nature sight seeing from Gua Kelam. Galery gives us the knowledge about what geologist or scientist had found in Gua Kelam, the stone, the material and the history of mankind who live in Malaysia. Gua Kelam is a must place to go when you are in Perlis because it is popular for its cavewalk. Try it! (please share to me make me jealous also so i will be more desperate to go there)

Then the next day, guess what? Is shopping day! Took almost one hour driving distance to go to Padang Besar, where by everything is so cheap! A new jeans cost me not even RM25 (if i not mistaken), a fluffy bear you see in souvenir shop can cost not even RM20! You can cut down the price with them some more (ok i sound like aunty even though that time i was 18)

A must place to go!

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