Petrosains 102

The moment i was queuing up for Petrosains make me wonder have i made the wrong decision in my life? There are at least 20 kids in front of the line yo! Is this the fair for children? My mind got even confused when i am in front of the line, whereby we saw people sitting inside a bomb-like chair and went into a dark alley, inside a tunnel, then people coming out using that so called transportation also. We were wonder: Is that it?

It turns out, it was awesome!

First we were freaking out whether we had wasted our entrance fee for this bomb-like transportation only, and guess what? There is a hidden treasure inside the tunnel! It was so amazing that it was like Alice in the Wonderland and i still wonder why did i go out that night.

We are entering a wonderland, like i said. It was an amazing fun land! A couple dating place, a family trip location, a friend gathering party, a field trip adventure, a whole club event, and our UTPians proud. You see, everything is PETRONAS, and we are one of the CSR done by PETRONAS itself, can you imagine how proud are we? I was super duper active that time! Met really amazing friends like never before: Darveen, Yong, and i-forgot-what-is-his-name-which-is-taking-modern-music-with-me-super-nice-guy.

Now, back to me. Inside was heaven! Heaven of toys, heaven of knowledge, heaven of equipment, heaven of fun, heaven of adventure, heaven of hands-on, heaven of sightseeing!

There are cosplay inside, whereby the working adult dressed in Dracula, funny clown, bugs, train master etc etc just to make you laugh! And magic show, cartoon balloon, OMG i am so excited! Words can’t help to describe everything inside because it is INDESCRIBABLE!

The most significant thing i can remember, is the oil platform section. You will think platform people or technicians or engineers: dirty, a lot of oil stick on the shirt, tiring, sweaty. But in return, the people got to enjoy the best kind of awards on the platform! They got 6 meals all buffet in a single day, a remarkably high paid salary, and a comfortable dorm, But who knows this is just to comfort people who are going to platform, or to give false illusion for those who are joining the teams to offshore mission.

Anyway, this is a must to go. I will go second time maybe, depends on the person who go with me and of course, free of transportation!

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