Petrosains 103

You know the feeling when your university’s name is part of the name of the biggest company of Malaysia, and the wow-est university among the parents and students?

Well i am a student from UTP, also known as Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.

I can feel the proud when i tell people i am from UTP, and enjoying the pride when they WOW upon speaking the word PETRONAS.

This is a local private university. People ask, hey you got to go overseas you know, you might stand the chance to go explore the world while enjoying your sweet time overseas! I replied, upon receiving the offer letter from UTP to study for Foundation, i jumped out from the sofa (i was taking my nap that time and my younger brother push me up shouting WEI YOUR LETTER FROM UTP! And the letter starts with Congratulations..

How proud I am to become a part of this university.


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