Pulau Pangkor 102



  • Took public bus from UTP to Lumut (last station), then search for the counter after passing through the souvenir shops
  • Took ferry to Pangkor Island
  • Took Taxi to Hotel
  • Took Taxi to tour Island(package)


  • Up to your budget (my friend can stay in a place for RM25 per night per person.
  • Teluk Nipah for water activitist
  • Teluk Gedung for food hunter


  • The more the merrier. But overall is not that expensive. One person RM20 for dinner is more than enough.
  • Sting Ray (very fresh)
  • Sotong

Places to go

  • Fu Lin Kong
  • Teluk Nipah Beach
  • Pangkor Town
  • Dutch Fort
  • Lin Je Kong
  • Boat Making Factory

Things to do

  • Island hoping (i didn’t go because is quite expensive)
  • Snorkeling (did that before so didn’t try)
  • Diving (don’t know how *sobs*)
  • Jungle Trekking (not bad, but apply sunblock and lotion and bring enough water)
  • Dating by the beach (lie on the sand)
  • Night walking ( is quite chilling walking on the sand late at night, my friend even saw Blue Tears by the sea!)
  • Night market (got a few stalls selling food i super like market!)
  • Touring Pangkor
  • Pillow talking together in hotel
  • Swimming in the sea

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