Island Hopping 101

People always say it is hard for people to appreciate own things or blessings because we keep on looking at how good other’s people blessings. That is why i never been to island hopping before until i have to tour my friends. Amazing huh? A pure proud Sabahan but never been to own islands to see how beautiful it is despite of so many promotion and packages which they offered.

So brought them to island hopping. Reach Jesselton Port(which is walking distance from Suria Sabah) and we proceed to the counters. They are a lot of counters where by all of them are giving the same package, charging the same prices and persuading the same tone. A lot of ticket sellers. So you need to choose wise. Choose the counter that is the most friendly. Or the counter which favor you most. Or the most lined up counter. So first impression is very important. Guys, try to flirt the counter lady with your charming eyes; Ladies, try to flirt the counter guy with your sexy lips. Anyhow, just don’t get cheated. Please bring along a sabah friend or malaysian with you if you are foreigner, because there is one couple who came in the speed boat with us, said they are cheated and cost them a lot. They came again and register with different counter.

Of course, the more people you bring, the cheaper and bigger promotion you can get. We went for snorkeling(RM15) and island hopping for 3 islands(RM33), which are the most high rated and most popular one, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Mamutik. But just fyi, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park consists of 5 major islands.

We got 12 people, so we basically own the whole boat, so it doesn’t matter what time should we depart, because the lady said, the boat already ready for us, we need not wait anyone because the speed boat is basically full with us on board. So is a good point to be a gang of people as well.

Very refreshing and clear sun. Bumpy sea and thus i almost sea sick. Expect yourself to get wet and it.was.way.too.bumpy.

Pulau Mamutik: Super clear water. If you snorkel, you can see fish swim across you, but of course, attract the fish with crumbs of bread should do the trick.  There are picnic tables to stay at, and there is a public shower room, with shower stalls. Sun burnt. The beach, is full of people, foreigners and locals. The sand, is super fine. You can’t compare it with beaches in Semenanjung. Come then you will know!

But too bad, the weather change drastically. Raining. Then turns out we just go for Manukan Island. But Manukan Island is not as pretty as Mamutik. A bit dirty compare to Mamutik.

Definitely will go Mamutik and Sapi again. Sorry peeps can’t tell you more about Sapi. But, Manukan you can leave it 🙂


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