Island Hopping 102



  • In sabah you need to own a your own transportation because every nice place is scattered all around even if is in KK only.
  • Is hard to find parking near Jesselton Port. Unless you park inside it which cost a lot (because you are not parking there for only one hour)
  • To go islands you need to register with any agent in Jesselton Port counter, then they will arrange everything.


  • Food on island quite expensive
  • If your package includes lunch, you can enjoy then
  • Suggest to bring own picnic box

Place to go

  • Mamutik Island
  • Sapi Island
  • Manukan Island

Things to do

  • Snorkeling(make sure bring bread crumbs)
  • diving
  • swimming
  • picnicing
  • beach walking
  • sunset seeing

Take note

  • Bring a local with you if you are foreigner
  • Make sure you negotiate the price with them and ask them carefully what the package includes(you are customer yo!)
  • Bring picnic box if you are on budget travelling
  • Bring swim suit
  • Bring sunblock
  • Make sure you got waterproof bag (my mistake for bringing cotton bag argh)
  • Bring two dry towels (in case rain then you wont get so cold wrapping in wet towel)

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