Kundasang 102



  • There are direct bus to go Kundasang from KK terminal or Inanam terminal. But if you are going from planned trip, why not rent a van/ high cc car to go up to Kundasang?
  • You might want to depart early if you want to catch up with the milking session of Desa Dairy Farm.


  • There are a lot of resorts and homestay in Kundasang. People usually will stay just to enjoy the cozy cold night in Kundasang. Almost similar as in Cameron, but the thing is you have heater in the resort (that is where i stayed before and i am not sure where is that place already)
  • I will say depends on your budget and schedule. If you are in a budget tight journey, one day trip is more than enough.


  • Fresh food and vegetables can be bought in Kundasang town.
  • Steamboat at night if you are staying there is really SUPERB!

Places to go

  • Kundasang War Memorial
  • Desa Dairy Farm
  • Kundasang Town

Things to do

  • Sight see
  • Buy and drink fresh milk
  • Enjoy the scenery

Take Note

  • Depart as early as 8am
  • Prepare breakfast on your own. As along the journey it is super hard to find restaurant.
  • Bring jacket for those who really thin skin yo!

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