Taiping 102




  • From UTP is two and a half hour. Almost the way to Penang already
  • Public bus available in Medan Kidd, Taiping Express.
  • Rent a car if one day trip only 😀


  • There are really inns and budget hotels available, is just that it is not necessary to stay one night if you are just touring Taiping town. But if you are going to Mangrove Forest, yea why not.


  • Larut Matang Food Court: Fish ball char keuy teow, lobak kuih (carrot cake)
  • Restaurant kakak: Gai Si Ho Fan (Chicken Break Ho Fan Soup)
  • Restaurant Air Kacang: Soya Milk and Popiah
  • Bismillah Cendol: Cendol
  • Ansari Cendol: Cendol
  • Pusat Penjaja Taiping: Chee Cheong Fan

Place to go

  • Taiping Zoo
  • Taiping Lake Garden

Things to do

  • In Taiping Lake Garden, basically can walk, ride ferry, swan boat and some other activities. 

Take Note

  • Eat everything i recommended IN THE MORNING. I repeat. IN THE MORNING. Because Taiping didn’t serve lunch in the afternoon. I mean good food.
  • Bring umbrella because Taiping is known as the wettest place in Malaysia


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