Bombers Burger@KK, Sabah

Bomber’s burger in Gaya Street is the first ever Bomber in Sabah. A lot of western-themed restaurants are being set up in KK lately. Hmm I wonder why.

So Bomber’s sell burgers. Initially by looking at the price, i though it was a set with drinks and fries, but who knows is ala carte. (yeeee, but Sabah food memang overpriced one. I first realize it when i came to semenanjung to further study). It is definitely more expensive than MCD set, but life is short, try everything before I die.

Alright, i tried few set of burgers ( because me and my friends went as a group and all of us agreed to try different set of burgers).

Bomber's Burger. Theme: Rock and Roll
Bomber’s Burger.
Theme: Rock and Roll


1. Add on
If you were to take set (as in you take drinks and one side dish), i will say, go for the onion ring. There are few choices of side dishes: fries, onion ring, salad, mushroom soup. The salad is, too raw for me. I don’t like it at all D: (personal comment, no offense Bomber’s). I tried fries, erm, its normal really, it was thin cut, crispy, and A LOT. But the crispiness only stays for the first 10 minutes, after that it was not as good as fresh-from-the-oven. I will recommend onion ring, because it is much more delicious compared to fries and salad, but more expensive (RM0.25 more expensive than fries haha).

2. Shake
The banana shake is super creamy and thick with banana taste (i only tried banana shake but i supposed all the shakes are almost the same? :D), but to me is a bit overpriced, RM8 for each shake. I tasted creamier, thicker, stronger aroma, cheaper shake/smoothie before. So yea ><

p/s: the shake is on the above photo: white color.

3. Burgers
Preferably beef rather than chicken. Beef burger is minced beef, but chicken is purely chicken breast.

Route 66.Carribean.
Route 66.
All American. The Smoker
All American. The Smoker

Route 66 Burger
My preference of burger. Mushroom sauce, beef minced burger, well done style, grilled mushroom, cheesy. I love this because of the mushroom sauce basically.
Sauce: Mushroom sauce

All American Burger
Relatively common and cheaper. Like other burger. Lettuce, tomato, onion, beef minced. Not really my type because its kinda dry.
Sauce: Mustard, mayo

The Smoker
BBQ style. More towards black pepper taste.
Sauce: BBQ Sauce

Carribean Burger
Specialty of this burger: There is fries inside it. and egg
Sauce: Pineapple BBQ sauce


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