Coco Mayo Cafe@Ipoh, Perak

Went to this place with my friends in the evening around 8pm, rainy day. No no, not creepy at all, instead, orangery yellowish wall lights,  romantic soft lighted hanging ceiling light, typical wooden chairs and tables, air conditioned, the surrounding, is amazing.


1. Service
The age range of the waiters is totally different. I see a most-likely-a-student-like waiter, a most-likely-a-mother like waiter as well. But that doesn’t matter right? Because we are judging the service based on their professionalism and their attitude. Overall, they were like trained: very polite, cantonese spoken, great service.

2. Environment
I super like their environment. Its like, they aimed to bring entertainments to ALL KIND OF PEOPLE who stepped into their cafe. If you are teenagers, there is a plasma HD tv just for you to watch entertainment program as in singing competition; If you are not the former kind of people, there is another plasma HD tv for you to watch movie. It is not simply a movie, they are all AWESOME BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE YO! And their background musics, is the english famous love songs from the 80’s. Beat that.

See the romance?
See the romance?

photo from foursquare.

3. Food
It is affordable: not that cheap but not that pricey. A set of western chop with drinks, mushroom soup, ice cream costs me RM15.90. Worth it yo.

Add on:
Their add on is super cheap: RM2 inclusive drinks, ice cream and mushroom soup

The menu is mostly western: Chops, steak, spaghetti. But there is also some rice for you to choose.

p/s: no additional charge to request more gravy or sauce.


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