Hokkaido Japanese Cuisine@Ipoh, Perak

This restaurant was once featured in Groupon before, and something to make you jealous: We spent RM19 which worth of RM92.40 of lunch buffet here during the promotion! WHEEEEEE.

Here is the proof to make you even more jealous: http://www.groupon.my/deals/ipoh/hokkaido-japanese-cuisine/716199956

Alright. The highlights.


1. Service
To me, a restaurant service including its staff’s initiation, staff’s attitude, pace of the service and the professionalism of the manager. The staff, as in waiters, are really friendly. They won’t frown even if you have a lot of request, they took the initiative to check the order for us, pour us green tea, refill green tea for us. Not only that, you won’t need to wait long even if there is queue for waiting the cuisine. Their service is fast.

2. Setting
Their architectural design of this restaurant, is romantic enough, simple and pretty. Suitable for family gathering, couple dating, friends party as well.

3. Food
Varieties of sushi (I tasted all and because its buffet style wheeee):

So many sushi and i ate them all!
So many sushi and i ate them all!
  • Shake (salmon)
  • Shimi saba (pickled mackerel) (erm i find it weird taste, not my type haha)
  • Ebi (cooked prawn)
  • Maguro (tuna) (super recommend this omg)
  • Hokkigai (surf clam)
  • Tako (octopus)
  • Ika (cuttlefish)
  • Tamago (Japanese omelette)
  • Shake mentai (salmon burn with spicy cod roe & mayo)
  • Avocado ( i no like this also because fruits with sushi, really weird ><)
Argh. Avocado sushi. Dont like
Argh. Avocado sushi. Dont like
  • Inari (sweet bean curd)
  • Abura bozu (white tuna)
  • Tobikko (flying fish roe)
  • Kurage (seasoned jellyfish)
  • Ebiko (prawn roe)
  • Idako (seasoned baby octopus)
  • Wakame (seasoned Japanese seaweed)
  • Negitoro (minced tuna belly) (Y)
So many sushi!
So many sushi!

I will say, i recommend all tuna sushi, and i dont recommend fruit sushi.

Varieties of Temaki( tried all as well, but didn’t manage to finish the rice ><, shared among friends):

More Temaki
More Temaki

  • Soft shell crab temaki (fried soft shell crab hand roll)
  • California temaki (crab, omelette, avocado, with flying fish roe hand roll)
  • Ebiten temaki (prawn tempura hand roll)
  • Salmon salad temaki (salmon salad hand roll)
  • Tobiko temaki (flying fish roe hand roll)
  • Avacado temaki (avocado hand roll) ( avocado is a nono for me)
  • Natto temaki (fermented soy bean hand roll)
  • Negitoro temaki (minced tuna belly hand roll)

I will say, temaki is more filling, but it consists mostly the rice, so i recommend sushi hehe.


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