IKEA Food Court@KL

I went there several times. It was quite a distance from KL Sentral, and it is, a 30-minutes walk from One Utama Shopping mall(since there is no transportation to go to IKEA itself, you might have to walk from One U if you really desperate to go IKEA). One must really possess own transportation if you want to pay a visit to IKEA.

People usually go to IKEA because of 3 main reasons:
1. They wanted to shop for cutest and newest furniture
2. They wanted to find new concept for their new home

And yes for the several times and every time i go to IKEA, there is only one reason, which is TO EAT IKEA MEATBALL.

Rumour said it contains horse meat, but rumour is still a rumour.


1. Ikea Meatballs
The superb meatball is relatively cheap if there is promotion. Sometimes i see RM2 for 10 meatballs (which is super rare). Usually it comes with 10 meatballs which costs below RM15 depending on whether you want to have fries or without it. The popularity of this IKEA Swedish Meatball does not come from its meatball texture alone, is the thick gravy made out of beef essence which never fail to trigger your taste bud to the max! This mouth-watering meatballs won’t fail to lure your million of tastebuds on your tongue. This i can guarantee!

Oh and the jam, from internet i learnt that it is lingonberry jam, matched with the fries, is different than the usual way you eat MCD fries with ketchup. A must try as well!

Ikea meatballs!
Ikea meatballs!

2. Dark Chocolate Almond Cake
I am a duper chocolate lover. Anything about chocolate i will stare, and keep staring, and continue staring until i got it. So this is what my comment about this chocolate cake: IT IS SUPER CHOCOLATY, AND TRUST ME, YOU WILL DEFINITELY WANT MORE! The chocolate aroma is more concentrated and thicker than the one in Secret Recipe.

Dark Chocolate Almond Cake
Dark Chocolate Almond Cake

3. Curry Puff
Their curry puff is home baked and home recipe, relatively cheap and the filling is OH MY GOSHLY compact with really curry potatoes and chicken meat. Try it!


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