Michelangelo’s Pizzeria@Ipoh, Perak

Been there for few times. And for every time i remembered i had to wait with my friends outside on the bench until it is available for us (can you imagine how busy this small pizzeria is?

It is super not visible, and you had to see carefully or use GPS to locate this place. It is just behind Jusco Station 18. And Tesco Station 18.

Their official website: www.pizzaipoh.com/

Woodfired pizzas. Main character.

Outside. Super hard to find.
Outside. Super hard to find.


1. Service
This restaurant is owned by an american. But he hire locals to run the business. My friend worked there before, she said the work is tough because there are only few waiters and she doesn’t like to become waitress thus she don’t really like the tough workload. But through her, she can guarantee all the pizzas ingredients are completely fresh. Even the ketchup which are opened, even if they are not finished after one week, the ketchup all will be replaced with new one to remain the freshness of the ketchup.

Their waiters are energetic and funny. Instead of calling you sir, which is a formal way, they, call you “bro!” or “lenglui (means pretty girl in cantonese)”, very informal, but friendly. Sometimes the boss will come occasionally, to talk with the customers and monitor the workers of his own. (The boss is very tall i can say. I am 150cm by the way)

2. Environment

See see so crowded and the mural!
See see so crowded and the mural!

The not so good thing about this restaurant is, too hard to find. They should have direction or board just to lead people in. And, this restaurant is too small for the busy business. Even if we arrive there 7pm when it is still sunny, we still have to wait for our turns to queue.

Other than that, orangery yellow soft lighting, air conditioned, music is loud, people is making noise. Suitable for family outing and friends gathering. It has mural which to me is very creative, (its just like pizza hut whereby they have own mural and Michelangelo’s also have theirs).

AnW is main drinks here.
AnW is main drinks here.

3. Food
So i know they always change their menus


Tuna Pasta
Tuna Pasta

So far they have 3 pastas, cabonara, tuna and garden spaghetti.

Cabonara is the most expensive, but it has the special kind of taste which is different from the prego cabonara sauce. Should you have money and time you can try!

Tuna is the cheapest spaghetti but it is not that cheap as well. It is too dry, to me, i like things with more gravy and more sauce. So is either they put more sauce or gravy, or put more olive oil. Tuna is not that strong taste, and not that much tuna in the spaghetti, but overall, yea rate 7 out of 10.

Garden spaghetti is, a bit, raw to me. As you can see from their official website, this pasta consists of onion, garlic, tomatoes which are too vege to me.


4-in-1. Mixed ingredient
4-in-1. Mixed ingredient

Pizzas are superb here. Thin crust, strong taste, baked in woodfire brick oven. There is this super nice burnt aroma in their pizza crust. *heart*

You can combine three or two different flavors of pizzas in one pizza. Is up to your choice really. I super like pizzas with bacon, meat, and lots of cheese. So my preference of pizzas will be 3 cheese, tuna and italian sausage.


4. Price
Pricey. But for the sake of trying new things, i think worth it. (i personally prefer domino’s if money wise)


4 thoughts on “Michelangelo’s Pizzeria@Ipoh, Perak

  1. Hi this is Michael from MichelangelO’s Pizzeria. Thank you for all your comments and your honest review, however I would like to clear one thing up. We are not near Jusco or Tesco station 18, we are near (actually in front of) Tesco in Ipoh Garden East. We do have a very large sign board up above our store but we have thought about putting a few other boards up around the town. Anyway next time you are in do look me up or ask the staff to call me, I would be very pleased to stop in and say hello to you. Also you can find us at our facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/michelangelos.pizzeria and again thank you your comments.



    1. Hi Michael! Such an honour to have you reading my blog! A super big fan of your pizzeria! Yea thanks for correcting me regarding the venue ( i am almost a roadblind!) sorry about that >< Yup please put super big board! We really finding hard for this pizzeria! And looking forward for you to expand your business!


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