MP Restaurant@Ipoh, Perak

Been there twice. Then never again. Let me tell you why later. HAHAHAHAHA

I was spending my time in Tambun in Ipoh, then after super excited and duper tired of the activities of course you will try to settle down your dinner at the nearest restaurant which you could find. Thus we met Mr MP.


MP stands for Moven Park fyi.

MP Restaurant is a steamboat buffet dinner dining place where by you can take as much ingredients you wanted to boiled or deep fried(there is oil and indented cooking stove in the table) but in case you couldn’t finish it all, you have to pay for your wastage with 100g of wastage they charge you quite a sum really. Good way to treat greedy people hehe.

It also featured in Groupon before.


1. Service
Hmm, everything is self service, so there is no waiter to let me to blog about. But i remember if i feel like eating something but i couldn’t find it i asked the staff working there and they politely respond to me.

2. Environment
The MP Restaurant Headquater (not the one in Ipoh Parade), doubled storey, air conditioned, very romantic. Very dim light when you were to dine at second level. But the variety of food in ground floor is super many compared to in first floor.

3. Food
Mainly seafood
varieties of cakes(oh their cakes is super nice)
jelly(not really fond to it unless there is fruits inside the jelly)
ice creams(durian, strawberry, chocolates, yam, vanilla, mint flavors etc)
raw meat(you can cook it or deep fried it)

4. Price
RM36 if i not mistaken, vegetarian is cheaper (you can ask the cashier before you dine)

Now the reason i never visit this place again because i found another more cheaper and nicer steamboat buffet place–>Restoran Good Time.

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