Ninja Joe@Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya

Hmm. Specialty of Ninja Joe, is. THE BURGER IS PORK. PORK. PORK.

Ninja Joe is basically a fast food restaurant serving mainly burgers. Pork burgers i should say. There are few outlets of Ninja Joe: Sunway Pyramid, One U, Tropicana City Mall, Mid valley, went to Tropicana City Mall’s and Sunway Pyramid’s. Yea taste similar. But i can tell you, Ninja Joe is so superb in his own ways of burger. Alright lets stop the nonsense and. Presenting you the highlights.

Ninja Joe


1.  Service
Like any fast food restaurant, you have to make your way to the counter and order your food. Simple and easy. Hurm so far i never queue long so don’t worry.

2. Environment
Red. To turn your apetite on using visual aids only( i mean it, i never want to eat it initially, but the color and the aroma just, argh, coldn’t resist it.)

Aroma. This is super strong. You can smell the burger by passing through the restaurant in open area.

3. Food

Burgers. Main character here. They are total of six flavors so far, original, sweet and sour, teriyaki, black pepper, spicy and oriental.

6 Flavors of Ninja
6 Flavors of Ninja

I have tried all and found out that i really like sweet and sour, because the sweet and sour taste really strong, unlike spicy, it is not spicy at all(but it depends on people as well, i can eat super spicy food, owell).

Original is my second preference as it is juicy and you have to taste the original before you got to taste the other flavors, simply because, IT IS THE MOTHER OF ALL BURGERS in Ninja Joe.

Others i can hardly to describe, teriyaki not bad, oriental hurm, to me more like original.

The burgers are quite small in size, so for guys (my friend) he can ate 3 of it and is merely full. Imagine that.

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