ZenQ Desserts@KK, Sabah

If you had ever tasted Taiwan desserts, and you like it, then you definitely like this.

ZenQ is founded by one of the blogger. Their menu is really almost the same as Snowflake in KL, but since this is founded by a Sabahan, and everyone was recommending this desserts and turns out i went in as well.

Zen Q
Zen Q


1. Service
Self service. So you order at the counter, paid on the spot, then take your number and find a place to be seated. Their cushion stools are so cute! Never mind about that. Yea service. So so. Like any other restaurant: polite, friendly. But not really that super warm like we got in Michelangelo’s. Anyway is not bad their service. But the dessert comes quite slow.

2. Environment
Air conditioned. I like their theme color: green and black. I seldom see green color themed restaurant this definitely opened my eyes. Sometimes a lot of people sometimes no. Usually night there are more people. Just a chatting place or gathering place to keep each other up, or to rest your leg before going for more shopping etc.

3. Menu

ZenQ Menu

They have a lot of series: Barley, Grass Jelly, Red Bean. These main 3 are for desserts alone. For drinks, Freshly Made, Iced Tea. And there are other snacks like toast series and shaved ice cream series.

Red Bean Barley (In Barley Series)
Erm, the barley base too much water, too icy. Is hard for me to really enjoy my dessert while talking with friends. And how sad you are when you see you can only drink from it instead of eating from it. At first it was good, but as time goes by everything become more tasteless.

ZenQ My Signature (In Grass Jelly Series)
Yea less water and icy, its base is grass jelly, so won’t have to care what it is made out from. but really, this is not as good as i had expected.

ZenQ My Signifure
ZenQ My Signature

So far i had tried 2.

Quite expensive, but my mum said haiya sabah food memang more expensive la what to do.

Personal Review: I would say it is popular among Sabahan in KK, but to me the desserts are so-so only. I tried the best in Snowflake on Taiwanese dessert. No offense. Or Tong Pak Fu.


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