Hi Seoul!@Likas, Sabah

Hi Seoul! One of the place to eat Korean food in Likas. Basically Likas is a school area so you can see other than tourists, you can expect student and teacher eating together like long lost friend. Usually my teacher like to have gathering over here with a bunch of monkeys (thats us yo!)


1. Service
Haha their waitress really nice. Even if people who is not ordering any food from this restaurant, they will not chase person away also. They will just let you sit there enjoy the air condition and free wifi. Cute huh? There was once us and our teacher sat down on a table, beh syok, then change our place. The waitress also smiling at us, guide us to the best place we wanted. Like!

2. Environment

Hi Seoul Korean Restaurant
Hi Seoul Korean Restaurant
Main entrance
Main entrance
Dining Area
Dining Area

What else can i say? FREE WIFI! Nah a lot of house or restaurant have this so yea. What makes this restaurant special is, even though you couldn’t understand Korean, they will also greet you in Korean language. You will feel you were in Korea at that time when they greet you. But not after that haha. Just that short moment.

3. Menu
Hmm. Some people like it, some people like me find it hard to suit myself to eat Korean food.

I find kimchi weird >< I find cold Korean mee not my type (my friend as well). But when i offer my mee to one of the friend, he ate it all. (alright i am the weirdo) Because a lot of food is served in cold, not steaming hot, which is the way i wanted.

But, tourist like it, my friend like it, my teacher like it. So go ahead and try! (it just that this is not my cup of tea)

Personal Review: I prefer Japanese food over Korean food. So i dont have the right to judge this. haha. Their way of cooking really not my taste ><

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