Jabez Cafe@Lintas, Sabah

This is an awesome cafe. I’ll tell you why later. Jabez Cafe is a youth centre actually founded by Basel Church KK. (i am from Basel that is why i know) This cafe is aimed to give teenagers a stop by place to do something meaningful rather than going cyber to spend their time. It provide food, music, books, board games, plasma tv, wifi, computers in this place, all in one. Super like your own house i can tell.


1. Service
Mostly are students, very very young teenagers worked here. My friends worked there as well. So teenagers as waiter in such a superb environment, everything is so soothing here i can tell.

2. Environment

Dining table and kitchen
Dining table and kitchen
See the decorative on the wall? Its photos!
See the decorative on the wall? Its photos!

Unlike other restaurant or cafe or bar or dessert house, Jabez is super awesome.

There is a tv corner(dont think as if a kids corner yo). They really set it up like your house living room. Tv with books together, together with small sofa to lie on or rest on.

Then there is this reading bookshelf. Whoever wanted to read you can just take from the shelf, but put it back before you leave. Like home isn’t it?

Then there is music instrument on the stage. Whoever feel like playing it, can just go up and play, no one will stop you. Guitar, base, drum, keyboard, mic stand, mic, everything ready.

Then there is computers on the dining table. So anytime you feel like online after you dine, go ahead. But you need to pay (i dont remember the rate. Usually people take their lappie and do their home work here using wifi)

Board game. You pay a small sum of money to play board games with friends.

The environment, all of all, this is the greatest one!

3. Menu


It is a chinese restaurant. They have rice, noodles, western and set meal.

Haha i will say, they serve very healthy food, as in less salt, less sugar. I need strong taste food to survive. Too bad. But their western food, hmm not bad.

I prefer their biscuits with ice cream. Usually ate something filling outside then came here to chill myself and grab this biscuit ice cream. Not bad.

A great place for hanging out, because if you are tired of talking, grab some book, play some games or music, watch some tv together. Their theme for this cafe is creative and awesome.

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