Justberrys@Lintas, Sabah

Justberrys, also another place for teenager to mingle or keep friends updated on own life. Basically it is just the same like ZenQ. Concept is the same, serving dessert, but Justberrys serves ice shaved dessert more. Too many dessert themed house in Lintas and KK really, my friends and i always have this dilemma on where to go and sit down to brag on each other of recent life.



1. Service
This is also self service: You order, you pay, you sit down, you talk, your dessert come. The waiters are super nice, i have a super fussy taste and they really very patience towards my questions on each flavors and ingredients when i asked them (despite of how busy they are). A thumb up for their patience and friendliness.

2. Environment
Like any other dessert house, it is loud with chattering, not music. Any where you can hear people talking, laughing, hakka-ing. I like this kind of warm and noisy environment, because it make me feel like talking more and more and more!

3. Menu
They served mostly ice shaved desserts, like i mentioned before. Their most OUT-OF-STOCK dessert, is durian series dessert. IF YOU WERE TO BE THERE AND THAT DAY DURIAN SERIES IS ON. ORDER EVERYTHING IN THE DURIAN SERIES! It is superb i guarantee. I went there just to have durian series haha.

Justberrys Menu. Go for Mango and Durian
Justberrys Menu. Go for Mango and Durian!

Mango series also not bad, very super mango feel.

Pamelo series. Erm, not my type, because it suits whom like pamelo and also not-so-sweet-tooth type of person.

They served ice cream as well. But still, you go Justberrys, you definitely need to try THE AWESOME ULTIMATE DURIAN SERIES. Either is durian snow, or any dessert with durian name inside.

Pudding not bad. But not that famous. Mango pudding with ice cream is awesome!


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