You Can’t Rely On Man

Man, means human being, not just man, woman as well.

We always try to find happiness from others, when people treat you nicely you feel extremely heaven; when you felt dejected you felt the whole world is not meaningful at all. Why are you having this kind of feeling? Why am I having this feeling? Because you are trying to find satisfaction from people! People achieve your expectation as in treat you the way you wanted, you felt happy; and the otherwise. Because you are finding satisfaction from people!

But you will never had enough; you will keep wanting more and more from people, but because human is not perfect, they couldn’t satisfy you, they cannot meet your expectation!

That is why, you need to find satisfaction from the perfect one, our Lord, our Father and our Jesus. Like i said, the perfect one. He will not disappoint you; He never treat you the way you shouldn’t be treated; He understand you more than you understand yourself; He even died for you, out of love. What else He cant satisfy you?

I had severe emotional problem whereby my feeling fluctuate so violent with people: people hurt me or do something not according to my expectation, i will feel so tired, especially in relationship with people. Because my emotional and feeling is building on people, not God. Jesus will not disappoint you in any means any how.

Rely on the reliable one yo!


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