Tong Pak Fu@Suria KLCC, KL

Love desserts? Another highly recommended place for you to satisfy your craving of sweetness and to cure your depression as well! (study shows that whoever crave sweets a lot of times probably undergoes depression very much) Believe it or not is up to you. Anyway that is not the point.

Tong Pak Fu is Hong Kong desserts (defer from ZenQ  or Justberrys which served taiwanese dessert) which serve cold desserts. More towards shaved ice desserts and warm tong sui, traditional warm dessert, western dessert as well.


1. Service
You need to order from the counter, of course you can take a seat first, chill awhile, look at the menu, take your time to decide, then only you go to the order counter to order. Simple and easy. Most of the workers work in the kitchen, to prepare desserts especially, not much, may be one or two only are serving as waiters or waitress. Their customerlogy is almost the same as other restaurant: polite, smile, but not that friendly, as in you can see they smile as you, but you know that is a attitude that they must possess. Its not like really that friendly like in Micheal’s.

2. Environment
This place is meant to be a stopping pit for people who tired of shopping, whom don’t have any place to hang in before the movie starts, or a stop for people who just had their meals and searching for desserts for the lonely mouth. Not that crowded to the extent you need to wait for your turn to sit down, so just bring along your friends to have a nice and fruitful gathering here rather than watching movie whereby everyone is not looking at each other. Very easy to recognize: Bright orange with chinese word featuring 糖百府, direct translate word by word is sugar hundred place, meaning is a place whereby it served you dishes with sweetness.

Outlet in KLCC
Outlet in KLCC

3. Menu

Western Dessert
Western Dessert
Warm Dessert and Snow Ice
Warm Dessert and Snow Ice

Snow Ice
Their durian snow ice is award winning! Basically is also ice shaved dessert. As well as mango snow ice! I was cracking hard on whether i should taste which one since there are only me and my friend with me, two of us, after one big meal, can’t really take it that much. So we decided to try Durian snow ice, the higher recommendation from the waitress herself. Turns out, AWMAIGADLY SUPERB! The aroma of durian is strong, but since it is ice shaved, it is not as strong as we eat pure durian meat. The difference is the taste is a bit chilling and not heaty compared to when you eat durian meat.

Durian Snow Ice!
Durian Snow Ice!

Warm Dessert
Their red bean warm dessert(is for drinking) yea will definitely warm the stomach. Thick and not watery, definitely make your taste buds work!

Western Dessert
I never try their western dessert before because i didnt heard any rating from any places. Chocolate Lava not bad.

Snack Plate
Oh their have curry fish ball, and glutinous rice ball with different doping. From friends not bad.

But their main attraction is snow ice and warm dessert, if you are too full for the other, just try snow ice and you will feel so successful in tasting another best food in the world!


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