Kindori@Sunway Pyramid, Subang

Kindori, Japanese name. But no, not any japanese restaurant, is  A JAPANESE DESSERT HOUSE!

I was walking with a super sweet friend and he offered to spend Kindori ice cream to me and he had full guarantee that i will like it (i am a fussy eater), and thus. I ATE AND I NEVER FORGET.

Kindori serves ice cream, fruit ice cream, and 100% fresh milk, fresh fruits (they make it ON THE SPOT), so there will be no flavoring at all.

Kindori kiosk in Sunway.
Kindori kiosk in Sunway.

Let me tell you more.


1. Service.
Normal. Because this is not a restaurant, it is a kiosk by the way in Sunway Pyramid outlet, he bought it, and we find a rest bench to sit down. Yea back to the people working there. They have this uniform, red uniform, with cute white apron, but not dirty, very clean. Since it is homemade and freshly made on the spot, they DO wear gloves when they prepare the ice cream for you.

2. Environment.
Yea. Since you won’t have place to sit down, so you bought it, and take it with you. Simple step to order: 1. Choose the fruits you like; 2.  Choose whether you want cone or cup. THATS ALL! you then can see them take the fruits from the cooler, cut them, blend them together, all on the spot. Amazing huh?

Cooler to store fruits
Cooler to store fruits

3. Menu
Served ice creams only, fruit ice cream mainly. And i can tell, you won’t regret it. Really. The ice cream is not as smooth as you eat in McD. But let me tell you, if you really want to try pure fruit ice cream, this is the one. I ordered grape ice cream. Grape is not a super strong taste fruits like durian or mango or strawberry. But amazingly, i definitely can taste the grape aroma of it (and it is strong!). Amazing! Will definitely go for another round. There is a lot of choices of fruits: watermelon, mango, blackcurrant, pineapple. Green tea as well! Price is cheaper than Baskin Robbins. So is super worth it.

Grape ice cream!
Grape ice cream!

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