Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant@One Utama

I will say, do not try to go 1U area during the night time, because we stuck in the middle of nowhere in the traffic for a long long long time before going to eat this buffet.

Offical website and facebook page.

Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant, also, served Japanese food, but this is superb, because it is BUFFET! You can find all sort of food like sushi, super big salmon, tempura, desserts, fruits, ice creams, tea, juices, EVERYTHING IS YOURS. There is a standby BBQ chef to bbq your chosen raw seafood as well. You eat all you want until you vomit. But don’t waste it because food is also a source of energy, and if we waste food, we are wasting energy as well you know?

Groupon also featured it. And you can see the environment more clearer. (i don’t have much nice photos since i am busy eating, eating and eating)

Rate is RM50+ per person. For birthday boss you do not need to pay, haha! I am joining my friend’s cousin and the family paid for me and my friend. I am lucky and thank you uncle and aunty!

1. Service
haha there is a person dressed like ninja(his head is tied with a red band and wear like ninja) standing as a doorman to greet you. Then, everything is up to you. Choose a place to sit down, then take plates then go explore new food yo!

2. Environment
A lot of people really. Guess the rating is high and positive then. Despite of  the amount of traffic of people in there, they still continue to bring more and more and more food to satisfy the needs of the customers. Very noisy, but that makes me feel more comfortable, cause no one will be looking at you or giving you the attention, if yes, then they will be gossiping about you taking so many food, everytime!

3. Menu
I can tell  they serve super a lot a lot a lot of varieties of food, range from tea, coffee, juices, soft drinks, to different type of sushi(there is a sushi bar), all kind of soups, tempura, choose your own seafood and ask the bbq chef to help you to deep fried it, fruits, desserts, ice creams, super a lot a lot a lot! I remember i keep eating and eating until they stop serving the food (its quite late already).

And i can say, it is totally worth it!


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