Sushi Tei@Suria Sabah, KK

That time i remembered i was shopping with my friends, and then came the hardest question of the whole world: Where are we supposed to eat? I AM STARVING! Walked around Suria Sabah and turns out, japanese food is not a bad idea at all. Then we walked in.

Sushi Tei outlet in Suria Sabah
Sushi Tei outlet in Suria Sabah

Sushi Tei is another Japanese restaurant that serves japanese food (you don’t say?). I been to Sushi King, Hokkaido Restaurant, Shogun Restaurant and here. Not much but i can tell, this is superb and unique in its own sushi.


1. Service
There is people greet you on the door. There is people who find place for you to be seated. There is also different people who take your order. And someone who become the runner for your food. There is the sushi chef who take your order politely. There is this nice counter lady to become cashier and when you go back the doorman or door lady will greet you in Japanese word again. You definitely feel like the queen of the world when you step into Sushi Tei Suria Sabah.

2. Environment
There are two kinds of place you can sit in a Japanese Restaurant: One on the proper sitting place whereby you have your own table with your friends and family. Another one would be straight away sit in front of the sushi railway and the benefits are you can straight away eat and order sushi directly from the sushi chef without any long waiting. This have to see your purpose of coming to Sushi Tei then. If you are coming to have some gathering, yea pick a table yo. If you are forever alone or with a eating partner, sitting in front of the chef would be such an honor for the chef!

3. Menu



Japanese noodle, sushi, green tea. Hurm, you can always take the set (cheaper of course), sushi as well there is a set for you, but me and my friends wanted to try different sushi, that is why we didnt take the set.

Japanese noodle, I not really fancy it. Because you can find better noodles in some where else that suits your taste(alright i don’t really like Japanese noodle), so i decided to eat only SUSHI in Japanese Restaurant.

Green Tea- the cup is already green. With green tea inside it appears super green. Not much difference than anywhere, just green tea.

Salmon sushi- their salmon is SUPER JUICY! *i definitely feel like crying for eating such juicy salmon*

Salmon roe sushi- imagine eating the roe and you can feel the burst of the roe inside the mouth! *pock pock pock* (the sound when you are eating this sushi)

Ebi Tempura- deep fried prawn with sushi!

Salmon Belly- A bit bbq taste, compared to raw salmon, i personally prefer this a lot.

Others like tuna sushi, omelette sushi, normal sushi also taste not bad! Some i couldn’t remember the  name ( we just eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat nonstop)

4. Price
Hahaha don’t expect nice sushi to be cheap if i really want to comment on this. But totally worth it. (its not that expensive really, RM15+ to have myself full)

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