Hard Rock Cafe@KK, Sabah[Coming Soon]

Hard Rock Cafe in KK, is not famous for its food, but famous for his own super unique brand and the band they invited as well as their environment and design. Can’t wait to go for it when i am back in KK once again!

It is the forth Hard Rock Cafe in Malaysia after Penang, KL and Malacca (said who we do not have tar road, street lights, and everyone live on the tree. zz) And I bet this gonna be super awesome to add into the night life of KK city!

It is located in the KK city Waterfront, whereby the people not only can enjoy the  beauty of the sunset and sunrise, to enjoy the cool breeze while having their meal and listening to invited bands, they can also sight see the beauty of night life of KK City. With the construction of Hard Rock Cafe in KK, our night life in KK will be definitely more vibrant!

When i go back during my semester break this magnificent place will be definitely waiting me to come home! and my friend would be having a lot of gathering here! Hurm their merchandise shirts is one of my target as well! Can’t wait for this exclusive cafe to be a part of KK!

And i heard their collection is superb as well! WHEEE! Oh i miss home already.

See here!

See the sea!
See the sea!
Hard Rock Cafe Logo

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