Snowflake@Sunway Pyramid, Subang

I been to 3 Snowflake outlet before: Bukit Bintang, Subang Jaya and Sunway Pyramid, because i have super fond of Snowflakes even though i tried Tong Pak Fu or any other sweeter desserts house, you just couldn’t resist it!

Among three outlets, I still prefer the one in Subang Jaya, can’t remember what block is it already but i am sure it is on the first floor, its not on the ground floor whereby you can straight away go in. Sunway Pyramid has limited flavors and is more like small kiosk, but not much people there you won’t need to wait til so long. Bukit Bintang and Subang one are super crowded, you even have to wait for your turn to have a seat, it is that sesak.

Snowflake is a Taiwanese desserts house like ZenQ in Sabah, but seriously, more better. It serves desserts(real famous) and drinks.

Youtube video shows even more about Snowflake!


1. Service

Cutie UFO Beep
Cutie UFO Beep

Since it is super busy from what i can see, they don’t usually serve you. Everything self service, you order at the counter, you pay, and you take UFO beep and you wait. After the small little cute thing beep, you go and take your ordered desserts. That simple. Despite of the busyness, you no need to wait a long time for the desserts to be served to you. The time for you to wait for your turn to be seated and the time to queue are much more longer seriously.

2. Environment
Like i said, many people, very merry. Gathering, chattering, laughter, crowds are the thing you can expect in the small little hut of Snowflake(they should really expand their business by building more spacious place seriously). Quite sempit but its ok. What you need to do to order is: First you choose a series(as in a base for your dessert. There are few series for you to choose, but i seriously recommend Taro Ball series and Soya Ice series!), then you choose your toppings( ) Just like choosing ice cream what flavor you like and what you want for topping. Simple and easy.

3. Menu


Their famous: DESSERTS! I never try their hot desserts before but they look super delicious. Next time

Taro Ball series
Taro Ball is the colorful ball made from yam(?) that is on the bowl of Snowflake. I can tell and guarantee, is so gummy and juicy! How to say, its like it is elastic but edible! Argh you should just go and try!

Soya Ice series

Soya Ice series with sweet potato, taro and pearl if i not mistaken.
Soya Ice series with sweet potato, taro and pearl if i not mistaken.

Soya Ice cannot stay long. It will melt very fast because that is ice made from soya milk. Its like ABC ice but the ice is flavor of soya. Imagine that. I personally fond soya and thus i had huge crush on this!

Grass Jelly Series

Grass Jelly series with lots of taro (taro is superb really!)
Grass Jelly series with lots of taro (taro is superb really!)

It is super refreshing because it made from “cincau”. Also like soya ice series the ice is made from grass jelly, but this is not that icy compared to Soya Ice series.

There are few sets for you to choose, 5 sets. I personally prefer set 3: Red bean, peanut and pearl and set 4: Red bean, taro, pearl. Cause the texture of the pearl is more or less like taro ball, elastic and gummy, the texture is super nice to chew.

You won’t regret for trying it. Like seriously.


2 thoughts on “Snowflake@Sunway Pyramid, Subang

  1. Heh I think the Subang Jaya one that you went to was in SS15. Got lots of shop lots around that area one right? 😀


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