Let Him Heart You, Darling!

Do you heart your family? (duh -.-) But that is not the main question i am looking forward to. Why is the million dollar question. If yes, why do you heart your family? Simple, because they heart you first isn’t it?

Same thing goes as your heavenly Father, do you heart him? Eh hurm, super hard to answer right?

You as a Christian you always try so hard to love him. Try to do devotion everyday to come closer to him; try to pray everyday to seek for his presence; try to follow his foot step and love him. But you still fail! Everytime. And you felt terrible.

What if i tell you, you dont have to do anything! You just sit down, and experience his love. Simple.

We are not perfect, He knew that. he knew we can’t give perfect love for Him even though he willingly die on the cross out of perfect love; he knew is hard for us to resist the temptation of devil; he knew HE KNEW!

But he tell us, let me love you. LET ME LOVE YOU! You dont have to do anything! LET ME LOVE YOU!

And you might ask, he doesn’t need any love from us? really?

Tell you what, after you experience his super perfect love, YOU WILL LOVE HIM NATURALLY. Like the way you love your family from the start. That is the love God wants.

In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

1 John 4:10

Let Him heart you instead!


Credits to my dear friend:

We received LOVE–> We LOVE naturally–> We become OBEDIENCE. Its the transformation after we love him. This is the way we show love and when temptations come in.

Thanks Zee!


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