All In One: Ipoh


You might need to spend at least 3 days 2 nights just to eat all the nice food and place your footsteps at beautiful places. My daddy told me, it is super easy to recognize Ipoh: when you are coming either from north or south to Ipoh, you will experience no signal in your phone and you have to pass through mountains(nah just bukits) in order to open your eyes into another surrounding, Ipoh.

I can tell you, although Ipoh is small, but this city has it all to take every awe from you.


1. Food. THEY ARE AHHHMEHHHZING! Ipoh is another small Penang which satisfy your tastebud. Guarantee! Not just snacks, their well known nga choi gai(chicken with bean sprout) and yim gok gai (salted chicken) can definitely serve you well.

2. Outdoor Adventure. For those nature lover, Ipoh not only is another food paradise, it also provides the enough greenie into your eyes! Gua Tempurung or Belum Rainforest(OWH HOW I WISH I BEEN TO BELUM RAINFOREST! D:)

3. Temples. They have a lot of beautiful cave temples in Ipoh. The temple, like i mentioned just now, is LITERALLY IN THE CAVE. Dont believe it? Check it out your own!

4. Recreational. Lost World of Tambun, is more smaller version of Lost World in KL.

5. Shopping. 3 main malls here for you to shop basically(Aeon Station 18, Jusco and Ipoh Parade). There are other Jusco as well in Perak, but in Ipoh, mainly 3 big malls exclusive Tesco and Giant if you allow me.

All in all, Ipoh is a super nice place to retreat yourself. Food hunter you can officially hunt meal here!


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