Tanjung Piai, Johor

It took us almost two hours driving distance with help from a gps from Johor Bahru. We can cross Johor to Malacca with that driving distance seriously.

Anyway, it is worth it to be at the tip of Asia! At least one time in my life!

I think this is not meant for sea lover to see this. Because it is very horrible, i mean the sea, because the one and only Tanjung Piai Resort is under renovation, and imagine the construction materials piling on the seashore, is an eyesore really. But yea we visited the resort inside, and it has a very nice so called big balcony for couple to date, for people to fish, for family to enjoy the breeze, for self to relax. It is definitely highly recommended( maybe after the renovation had finished then will be okay i guess).

The seashore. Delta?
The seashore.  More to Delta?
Tanjung Piai Resort
Tanjung Piai Resort
Their small little pondok
Their small little pondok
Resort house
Resort house
Can see the two small pondok? Yea imagine yourself lying under the shade relaxing? wow
Can see the two small pondok? Yea imagine yourself lying under the shade relaxing? wow

Anyway, you cannot consider you have come to Johor if you haven’t lay your foot on this place, TANJUNG PIAI THE SOUTHERNMOST TIP OF ASIA!

One thought on “Tanjung Piai, Johor

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