Pulau Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah

Plan for almost one week to go to Langkawi for our holidays. And we went there for 3 days 2 night.

We went out from our university at 630am so to take the earliest bus from Maraliner from Terminal Amanjaya Ipoh, turns out the counter is not operating because the counter man is not there. And we initially wanted to go as early as 8am but now the bus delayed. Sri Maju official webpage stated they will depart at 845am to Shahab Perdana, Kedah, but also no service (urgh), and we turned to Transnasional, which depart exactly the right time at 9am.

It is 4 hours and a half journey from Ipoh to Terminal Shahab Perdana in Kedah, and we reached there around 130pm. Took our lunch in MarryBrown in the terminal itself. And to go to Jetty you need to go Kuala Kedah by public bus( which you need to go straight to the row of counter opposite of MarryBrown and take the white bus.

But because the public bus arrive not in time, we took taxi. (urgh i hate the public system in Malaysia). Charged us RM20 for one trip.

Its 30 minutes slow drive to Kuala Kedah Jetty. So plan your time wisely.

Then bought ticket and depart at 430pm.(RM26 one way yo!)

Tips: Prepare super thick plastic bag BECAUSE YOU ARE SO GOING TO VOMIT INSIDE THE FERRY! (i actually swallowed back my vomit urgh)

Use nearly one and a half hour to reach Langkawi. Then go pass the mall and go to the counter whereby you can rent car or take taxi. I recommend you Tiara Holiday Sdn Bhd. Because they are really cheap (Imagine one day low peak season only RM50 per Proton Iswara!) That price is not correct haha in the internet, but yea call them!

And we stayed in Peach Blossom Hotel( super cheap budget hotel and spacious plus clean!) in Kuah(5 minutes driving from Jetty) and we book through Booking.com. Check the rates and compare with Asiaroom.com, agoda.com, latestroom.com first.

Then start our journey!

Counters to rent car.
Counters to rent car.
Big map in front of the mall
Big map in front of the mall
Finally reached.
Finally reached.
The only drawback to go to Langkawi: THE FERRY.
The only drawback to go to Langkawi: THE FERRY.

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