Mahsuri Tomb (Makam Mahsuri), Langkawi

Mahsuri Tomb, erm, not encourage to go.

Haha but still, it is a landmark, so if you got the time, go, if no. Don’t.

Why I said so, because you need to pay RM7 to go to a place to see the history of Mahsuri and a white tomb which is not well preserved. Urgh.

Plus, you cannot bring camera in(they will charge you). I am such a obedient girl.

Anyway, there is myth going on about this place, Langkawi. Mahsuri is a very very super super duper duper pretty girl and is married to a young man with position. And thus there is one woman jealous of her beauty, and spread rumors saying Mahsuri is being not loyal to his husband(there are more versions). Of course is not true, but people believes the woman. And thus Mahsuri is sentenced to death. But no one can kill her, even using the knife, or keris, or sword. But one suggest to use Mahsuri’s father’s keris(a kind of Malay sword), then yea she died. But before that, she cursed Langkawi will not be prospered for 7 years. And white blood comes out from her body.

outside of it
outside of it
not worth it though
not worth it though

But, its good to appreciate our own History aye? đŸ˜€

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