Knowing Your Passion

Well everyone has their own unique passion(s).

I think everyone must have one in order to keep yourself occupy/alive/happy/on fire or whatever term you call it.

But of course, it is not easy to find one that you really passionate for. I mean, you don’t even know what you like and what are the choices you have!

So the only way to discover your own passion, is to TRY, TRY AND TRY.

Well, my passion is to write and to plan, so far.

I started to discover my writing passion when I am super angry that one time. I don’t know what to do, so I prepare one paper, and wrote it very all down. The more I write, the more relax I feel, the more relieved I am. By the time I have finished writing, my anger gone!

Thus whenever I feel emotional down or excited or angry or disappointed or upset or any feeling which I cannot contain, I will definitely write it out, all out. Thus I develop it. I mean, if you do not experience the extreme, and you didn’t even try to find out what you capable of, you won’t know what you can do, or even discover your passion!

One more reason contribute to why I love writing/blogging so much, is because of my weakness of all: short term memory. I often forget the memories either is sad or happy, I actually forget everything. I don’t want to live a life without knowing or got to remember my past is. I wanted something I can refer back when I am older on who I am when I am younger.

Why, I discover my passion in planning in such a tough way. I joined events when during my universities. And thank God I was given a chance to be the assistant team manager for few teams, and I enjoy when I got the power to manage or in charge of everything they need: accommodation, transportation, flight ticket, itinerary everything. There I started to know. But of course this comes with sweats and sacrifices. Sacrifices like not being able to join much more different clubs or neglect something else much more important. But still, I love it.

So discover it in any means! At least I know my passions before I am 20 then!

You know you have that passion(s) when one thing happen: when you have been criticized by people regarding your passion, you are burning to the extend you feel like killing that fella who criticized it.


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