God of Manasseh

How do I said this?

God of Manasseh means God makes me forget. Manasseh is the name of Joseph, son of Jacob and Rebekah given to his firstborn. Why Joseph gives his firstborn this name, there is a long story behind it. Summarizing it, because Joseph had encountered few terrible situations whereby he had been sold by his own brothers, been misunderstood by his own master, been stayed in the prison for crime he did not commit, been forgotten after he had helped his friend to interpret his dream. It seemed like he had lived many lives of other people, and all are horrible.

But when he had risen for all the terrible situations and became the second-in-charge of Egypt, which is after Pharaoh the king of Egypt, taking in charge of the whole Egypt, he has every power to take revenges, right? Afterall he is so powerful now. Well that was what I thought, and what I’ll do.

There is this situation I encountered recently. Well when the combination of anger, disappointment, sadness, despair and desperate come in, you know you are in terrible situation whereby all you can think of, is nothing but the painful memories.

Thing you can do, and wanted to do, is to forget. People said to remember needs seconds, to forget needs centuries.

How to forget?

This is the only thing stirred in my mind: accident. Memories lost, thus forget.

Fortunately I read this book. Joseph said God makes me forget, Manasseh. So the only solution is God then. There is nothing else unless accident, which is painful and suicidal.

So I prayed, but this need faith as well. You got to really trust that God really really can make you forget. It is because you are also surrounded by Devil. He will try to replay all those painful memories every time when he got the chance. That was what I been through.

So faith. Pray. Have stronger faith. Pray.

And I partook the Holy Communion. Have faith that this bread I am eating is the body of Christ, which is full of health and life (because my heart is broken and I need restoration from inside out). I had wrote about this Holy Communion chapters so I won’t be mentioning it again.

I can truly understand what it means by forget when I muster up my courage to meet this guy who offended me. You did not forget everything like losing all your memories. It’s like, the painful memories can no longer hurt you anymore from inside out. God has mended the broken heart, clear the scars inside. And you feel new and refreshed again, not hating this guy anymore. It’s almost like forgiveness, but this time, you are forgiving yourself and setting yourself free. You no longer tied to the thorn anymore. Heart is healed.

Easier way than having an accident right?

God is awesome.


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