Under The Sunlight

I don’t know how people think of sunlight. Scorching? Warm? Annoying? Heat? Sweat?

To me, it is my life.

I never like raining day. I have this issue when it is raining day: I will be temporarily super bad mood for that period of time. Rain is a limitation. With rain you can’t spend your time joyfully (well I must say I dislike damp and wet). You are limited to go anywhere you want. The darkness of cloud, the ear-deafening thunder, the blazing lightning, all will contributes to my emotion, which makes me down at all time.

Unlike rain, shafts of sunlight are pretty. Pretty to the extent I feel like capturing it and take it out whenever I feel like. Imagine an outing without the sun, it will be so dull and wet blanket.

There is a story behind every reason. We had our lectures, tests and quizzes all in confined theatre rooms or halls, whereby even though it is in the afternoon, you won’t feel any heat inside. Same goes as at night time. You won’t feel any “nature” inside the theatre room or hall. Pros and cons of course.

Then there was this time, I had my test did so badly to the extend I knew how bad I did even before I took my result (yea it turns out really bad). Came out from the dull and cold lecturer’s meeting room, all of a sudden the lifeless of the meeting room engulfed me, and I feel so hopeless.

But amazingly, when the warmth of the shafts of the sunlight embraced me outside the meeting room, suddenly I feel hopeful again. I mean, not even in this situation, there are few of such!

So when you complained about how scorching the sun is, think about this: If you are to get married today, do you wish to have rain to cover you, or the sun?


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