Finding Yourself

I am always and still wondering on one thing: Why is everyone so upset with other people opinions?

The reason you are so emo/crushed/down/blue/devastated/disappointed it always and almost every time correctly defined: You care what people thinks of you.

Think about it. You love to express yourself in social media. People come and comment, “Why are you being such an attention seeker?” Or you love drawing, “Why is your art looks so dull?” Or you love DIY, “Is this rubbish or what?” Or you love writing, “Stop judging based on your view.”

Don’t you get it? You never and will never please any single person in the whole world!

Well I been in worst case up to my 21 years living in mother earth. Guess what? A few-year-old-relationship friend just decided to de-friend me simply because I express too much on my views on certain cases. Should I be angry over it? YES! He is challenging and tearing me down to be someone he wants me to be and I dont want to be by threatening to end the friendship. Should I sad over it? NO WHY SHOULD I? Should I change my views because of that? Don’t ever think about it.

You see, you need to really really understand yourself. Your capability, your weakness, your interest, your principle, your future, your dream, your hobby, your centre of life, your goals. YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS. Why? Because every single time people will try to bring you down by letting you to doubt yourself!

Am I arrogant? Yes. Am I happy? HECK YES!

So when people challenge your stand and you think its not right, you should know how to defend yourself.

Remember, you cannot please everybody.

Engrave this, why bother to let people’s word to take you away? Let them say you are attention seeker or whatever. There’s a reason why they are behind you beloved.



2 thoughts on “Finding Yourself

  1. I’ve seen so much of this lately on my own social networks. People discussing politics on Facebook are complaining about being I friended by people that disagree. It makes me sad because people should be able to get along regardless of superficial differences like this. I’m 100% different than most of my closest friends on certain issues but we don’t let it bring our friendship crashing down. It’s just not that important. People need to be less threatened by differing opinions.


    1. its true. you have considerable friends and you are lucky to have friends who do not bring up the hot issues to tear down the friendship! the reason that drives me to defriend that friend is due to the value of this friendship to him. I believe your friend will not tell you to stop interact with your friends just because they dont like it right? Its quite sad actually knowing that your friend willing to defriend you just because you are not the one that he wanted to see.


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