Reasons To Stop Jealous-ing and Get The Damn Passport!

I am not sure about other circles of people. But for my circles, we almost (like literally everyday) every hours talking and discussing non-stop of going some where, travelling in a group, backpacker’s life, pretty little photos in foreign lands and et cetera. It got worse when there are friends going out from own country and have super amazing photos posted all on the timeline. IT GOT US SO JEALOUS THAT WE COULDN’T STOP SEEING EVERY.SINGLE.PHOTOS OF THEM!

I believe its the generation problem. (opps)

We are always dreaming of going out, have our own lives, to live the life to the fullest. Those quotes are just a saying without the action.

We should really stop the envy towards our friends because: WE CAN BE JUST LIKE THEM BY GETTING THE ONE SIMPLE BOOK!


1. The world is full of colors and happenings. The feeling of experiencing the thing by own self is so different then what you read or what your heard from anywhere. Instead of just dreaming about it, why not just make it come true?

2. Money is not everything. You might say “Hey I am still a students. I can’t afford travelling yet.” Okay. No saving babe? Really? Start now. Go out while you are still young. You can have a 8-5 job for the 40 years later on after your graduation! Unless you love your job more than anything including a vacation or a getaway, forget about this article!

3. Memories are important. YOLO is my principle, and I dont want to be blanked when next time my grandchildren asked me: What amazing things you remember about the people in Paris? Italy? Greenland?

4. Have a new perspective towards life. If we keep on living in the same land over and over and over again until you die, you will be still the old you: same mindset same lifestyle same thinking. Go out, meet new people, share thoughts, travel together. To have open minded friends are good in the sense that they won’t judge you the way you act towards something, and that is awesome.

5. New life. New friend. New experience. Or maybe, the one!

6. What worst case will happen if you travel abroad? Lost your wallet? Report to the local police and get back home. Overweight of baggage? Abandon some or just pay up. Missed a flight or bus or train? Get another ticket. But all in all, compared to what you will gain, i believe, this is all worth it.

Let’s go babe. The world awaits us.

images (52) travel-quotes-hd-wallpaper-17


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