A Journey To Singapore

Ahh it’s been awhile since I post anything (no one to blame except my schedule in this semester: team projects, internship hunting, keeping fit, time for the beloved, dates to remember, subjects I am taking-the list will be ceaseless if I am not stopped- STOP ME PLEASEEEE).

Ok come back. As I was saying, it was awhile and finally get to post something!

Singapore is a great place for self-motivated group of people, if you were to talk about settling down and finding a new job there. Busy and fast paced country, small yet well developed; sophisticated yet modern. You cannot really find forest there like the way in Malaysia (whereby most of the land is covered by greens).

Anyway, me and my three other girl friends have traveled to SG months ago for 3d2n.

Review of Singapore as a poor student’s point of view: expensive place and if you are naturalist, nah i suggest you to search somewhere else. Leisure yes. Business absolutely. Fun? USS!

I therefore attach the itinerary for each day in the sequel of this post. Stay tune!

Day 1: All around SG!
Day 2: USS here we come!
Day 3: Everything about Sentosa!


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