Day 1: All around SG!

Upon touching down Changi Airport, you will be totally wow-ed by the grandness and the classiness of the airport! Believe it or not, you can even consider staying overnight in Changi Airport for backpackers who wanted to catch and early flight and at the same time save up their budgets. And its fully Wifi zone and tourists can access their set-up computer too in the airport!


IMG_20140501_070557 IMG_20140501_073745

Changi Airport has 3 terminal. Be sure where you should exit and signs are everywhere! Different airlines arrived at different terminal and Terminal 2 is the main exit (at least this is where we exited to the city of Singapore!)

Things to do in airport:
1. Find exits. Free shuttle skytrain is provided for travelers to transfer within the 3 terminals. We exited from Terminal 2 to be exact.
2. If you are a packed-with-schedule type of travelers, its the best to get a tourist one-day pass for 20 SGD (10SGD will be returned upon returning the card). And it is unlimited usage within that day only. For not so frequent usage traveler, its better to opt for single payment each destination.

3. Get a MRT transit map and mark your place-to-go!
4. Get out from airport and enjoy Singapore!

Their transportation is super convenient. Be sure to know how does the MRT goes: You can interchange within the interchange station. And their MRT is fast and very frequent! If you missed one, next one will arrive within 5 minutes!


Here goes our itinerary:

1. Mercury Backpacker Hostel
Step down from Lavender Station of MRT Green line. 200 m away from the station. Highly recommended as they are cheap (3D2N 4-person room cost us RM530+, one person around RM130+ for two nights). They provide wifi, computers too, light breakfast and shared shower room. Most importantly, they let us check in early!


2. Bugis Street/ Arab Street. Haji Lane
it’s just a station away from Lavender Station. Bugis Street is known as the Singaporean Flea Market where its a street selling from watches to accessories to food to fruits to clothes. Halal food can be easily obtained here!

IMG_20140501_102404 IMG_20140501_104911IMG_20140501_100700 IMG_20140501_100937 IMG_20140501_102048

3. Marina Bay

In Bayfront Station in MRT Black Line.


Be sure you are not labelling Marina Bay Station. If not you will end up seeing this:

IMG_20140501_112854 IMG_20140501_112837

Its still under construction so be sure you are going down at Bayfront Station. Most expensive mall as they said. Casino is superb! (I mean the grandness okay? Imagine thousands of CCTV’s installed on the ceiling of each floor of casino!) We had our lunch here in Raspura Food Court.

IMG_20140501_140155 IMG_20140501_114119 IMG_20140501_115150 IMG_20140501_120337 IMG_20140501_120454

4. Garden By The Bay
Its outside Marina Bay actually. Still in Bayfront Station. Basically its a big big big garden. Sightseeing purpose: flowers, cactus, skypark, fake trees etc etc…

IMG_20140501_153116 IMG_20140501_140536 IMG_20140501_140838 IMG_20140501_142656 IMG_20140501_142033 IMG_20140501_141257 IMG_20140501_140902 IMG_20140501_145025 IMG_20140501_144906 IMG_20140501_142813 

5. Esplanade

We came all the way of course not to miss this! Its across Marina bay Shopping Mall and can be reached by crossing the sophisticated bridge from the LV Building in front of the mall. But night view is better. Still, very crowded. Brace yourselfffffffff.

 IMG_20140501_160240 IMG_20140501_192155 IMG_20140501_191548 IMG_20140501_190129 IMG_20140501_190257 IMG_20140501_190541 IMG_20140501_191223


6. Chinatown

Step down at Chinatown Station in Puple/Yellow Line (its an interchange station). The tauke of Mercury Backpacker Hostels said the money exchanger offer the highest currency rate compare to any other places (and yea I approved this. Not really high but still higher than in Bugis Street or Airport or in Malaysia). And we had our dinner here.

IMG_20140501_164205 - Copy IMG_20140501_163253 - Copy IMG_20140501_163241 - Copy IMG_20140501_165022 IMG_20140501_162829 - Copy

7. Riverside

Clarke Quay Station. Beautiful riverside!

IMG_20140501_183059 IMG_20140501_183102 IMG_20140501_182850 IMG_20140501_182846 IMG_20140501_183110 IMG_20140501_183107

8. Orchard Road
Orchard Station/ Somerset Station in MRT Red Line. The Orchard Road is actually located in between this two stations, as what they said. We give up walking along the road as we are really exhausted after the packed schedule of the day. Oh, one more thing, my JB friend said the whole road will be fully decorated during the festive season (like Christmas, CNY!)

IMG_20140501_202816 IMG_20140501_203314 IMG_20140501_203503

And we went back to Mercury to sleep after a tiring yet fruitful day!


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