6 Tips To Exchange Currency To SGD

Our Singapore trip is quite a rush and spontaneous decision since Airasia is offering so many promo seats during that period, thus we couldn’t really scout the currency exchange rate either in banks of private money exchanger. Thus below are my experiences and findings from this A-JOURNEY-TO-SINGAPORE Trip!

1. Do some homework regarding the currency rate in your country and in Singapore
This is really a useful tip because my friends and I were in a rush and we didn’t manage to change our MYR note to SG dollar beforehand. (we only exchange it two hours before our flight to SG!) And thus we have to exchange them in the airport themselves. Note that banks offer quite low exchange rate and you will want to go for private money exchanger. So its good to prepare and exchange them when the rate is high! Normal rate would be RM2.48 to 1SGD.

2. Do not exchange ALL OF YOUR NOTE at one time
You might not know what else where offers you, who knows you got higher exchange rate! But if you feel that the exchange rate is good enough for your reference, go ahead!

3. Do compare the rate among private money exchanger beforehand (and you might want to bargain too!)
Good thing about Chinatown, you can find anything here! The tauke of Mercury Backpacker Hostel (the place where we stayed for our trip) recommend Chinatown and yes it is true because they offer higher exchange rate. But of course, since they are many private money exchanger all around, just stop by and ask (and even bargain if you want to change a lot) them!

4. Exchange little by little would be best
For poor students like us who are doing backpacker style (erm backpack i won’t recommend SG anyway), since SG is a very convenient and modern city, you wont need to worry there will be no currency exchanger anywhere. In fact, you can find it in shopping malls, in LRT Station or shop lots! So you wont need to keep much SG dollar with you after you leave the city.

5. Avoid exchange in airport
As i have mentioned in Tip 1, airports usually do not have private money exchanger, banks yes. Do not go for banks, as the offer lower exchange rate compared to private one.

6. Keep it within your budget!
It is very important to plan out a rough budget list and follow it so you wont be overspending and running out of cash in hand!

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