Rules to Follow in Singapore for Traveller

Of course, the 3D2N trip cannot be set as a benchmark to conclude all the rules in Singapore. But from what i observe:

1. You don’t chew gums!
Ahh chewing gums are banned in Singapore since 1992 and the law is enacted til now! The main reason is that Singapore is a country where they matter cleanliness to the point which you can hardly see any litters anywhere! Afterall, it requires high maintenance to disposed chewing gums and keep the public clean.

2. You don’t stick to the right lane of escalator when in leisure time!
Singapore’s life is kinda rush and busy and fast paced. Me myself being there as a traveler too felt that, how can a local not realizing it kan? The right lane is always reserved for people who are rushing. I believe its good to avoid traffic and cramp and accident on a escalator.

3. You don’t eat or drink in the MRT!
Its all signage in the MRT saying you are not allowed to consume drinks or food in the MRT. Cleanliness matters most I guess.

4. You don’t rush into the MRT when the doors are opened!
Why? You gotta let the people out first! One of the things which Singaporeans impressed me is that they know how not to cramp into the MRT even when it is during peak hours. All Malaysian should at least come here once to experience this on themselves!

5. You don’t sit on the premium seats even when the MRT is fulled!
Premium seats are for the crippled, the golden ages, the pregnant, the nursing mom.


I find Singapore is so well organized in terms of their system and the way they educate their citizens. Every country should really learn from Singapore!


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