Speedboat from Menumbok to Labuan

The alternative way to travel to Labuan apart from express ferry from Kota Kinabalu to Labuan, or car ferry from Menumbok to Labuan. Choosing speedboat to travel to Labuan is the best way, provided when the express ferry from KK-Labuan is full, or you have no other choice to pick. Why not the car ferry? Imagine waiting for the cars to enter the ferry, and another 2 hours (which when you travel by speedboat is just 15 minutes) because the car ferry cannot be fast.

Well the best way from Menumbok? Speedboat.

But please, go when the day is sunny. Not to say you cannot travel when is raining. Yes you can. But read this then decide.

The journey of 15 minutes, is not the worse case in my life la. But cramping in a ferry with luggages and crowded with people (but they didnt overcramp it thank goodness) is still bearable when its just 15 minutes.

However, if you are pregnant or with young infants, I encourage no. The speedboat will be brought up by the wave when it is high, speeding through the ocean. The speedboat jumps up and knocks down heavily continuously for almost throughout the journey. Imagine the raining day when the tides are higher.

It was bearable I would say. But the groups I mentioned above (the pregnant and with young infants) are not encouraged to hop on speedboat to Labuan. Unless it’s a cruise.

Anyway, you dont have much choice if you want to travel comfortably to Labuan. Malaysia Airlines serve you best then!

Speedboat from Menumbok to Labuan.
Speedboat from Menumbok to Labuan.

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