Reminder before Going to USS

You dont simply GO to USS without prior survey. And if you do so, you’ll end up lots of frustration, and super crowded people, and one-hour queue just to play for a not-even-3-minute adventures. I bet you dont want to experience that during your like-finally holidays.


1. If you want to go for USS, be sure you checked the price and the date.
If you are going during a festive season, try to scout and who knows, it will have promotional price (a lot of times). So you might able to save few dollars up for the same pass. Normal price would be 74 Singapore Dollar for adults but it can be 20% of during festive season, doesnt matter whether it is Christmas, Easter, Public Holidays or even school hoidays (usually mid year or end of the year).

2. You have to buy it earlier!
What I mean earlier is to buy it online or make purchase the day before you are going USS, not during. Imagine the crowds and the lines of people whom just want to get a ticket! By the time you finally bought one, you are to spend the whole morning queueing up! You dont want that unnecessary waiting time!

3. Wake up as early as 8am and depart to USS at 9am!
I tell you, the queue of buying a ticket to go to Sentosa Island can faint you on the spot. But the queue took me only 30 minutes to buy the transport ticket to Sentosa Island. I reached the counter around 1030am though. I encourage you to arrive early. Better early than late right?

4. If you can afford it, buy the express ticket during festive season.
Believe it or not, during the school holidays or public holidays, you got to queue up almost for an hour just to have fun on a 3 minutes adventure. I dont think is worth it for the time. But if you are on budget contrain, one day normal pass ticket will do it too, provided you arrived earlier. To get an express pass I think you’ll need to top up another 50 Singapore Dollar, but you got to be in the front line even if there is a long queue. Worth the price I guess?

5. Get a partner or go with a group of 4.
A lot of rides will be two-seated or in a row. It would be much fun if you are to go with friends! They said the more the merrier, and I said YES to it!

6. Do not try to get on a single rider pass.
What does it mean for single rider pass? They will be queue for single person who willing to pair up with anyone. If you are single yea you can, but if you are in a group, just because the single pass is short, doesn’t mean they will put you in first. Their concept is, if they are extra single slot, they will put you in. But they prior the big group first.

7. Get your food and water prepared.
You dont have time to go out and buy food and drinks! Best thing is to prepare your own food and beverage before you depart to USS. And is cheaper too!

8. Your first stop should be the Sci-Fi City!
You’ll regret if you do not make this as your first stop! Reason: the queue. What’s in there you ask? Transformer ride, roller coaster and thrill related adventures!


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