Day 3: Everything about Sentosa!

It took me months to complete the Singapore series. Forget about the Thailand or Bali or Laos. Singapore alone for months!

Anyway, the third day we spent our time in Sentosa Island in Singapore(duh). How fun was it you asked? It’s beyond amazing!

There’s 4 main attraction in Sentosa Island, the beaches, the Imbiah lookout, the Siloso point and of course, the USS! You can check them out here actually.

Interesting part of Siloso Point, is there! Too bad we are out of cash and what we can do is to stand outside of the entrance and watched kids dressed in swimsuit donut-ted with the float running around.

However, we do visited the beaches, Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach to be exact. Although there are man-made, but I can assure you, they are amazing! Imagine such a concrete country you can find white sand, crystal clear seawater, windy breeze. It’s all part of the wonder of Singapore.

Peaceful Beach in Sentosa Island
Siloso Beach
Just enjoy the sun and breeze

There will be shuttle bus/train-bus to transfer you from beach to beach, one stop to another, or from one attraction to another. It’s in every 5 minutes and its freeeeeeee!

Shuttle Bus/Train

Like I said, because we are out of cash, what we do in Imbiah Lookout, is THE SKYLINE LUGE SENTOSA! You see Imbiah Lookout has sightseeing stuff like nature discovery, but i wont recommend it. Thrilled activities are the things you got to experience in Imbiah Lookout. If you have the cash, go ahead play all!

So you have two options of Skyline Luge: Dragon Trail and Jungle Trail. I chose the Dragon Trail because it sounds intimidating. But as the name stated, dragon trail offer much more thrills and obstacles and sharp corners than Jungle trail. Jungle trail, according to my friends, is more to leisure type of route. Slow and steady, enjoying the ride, sight seeing. Both are equally good!

Luge and Skyline I supposed
The fun begins….
And towards the end of the trail, you get to go skyline to transport to car back!

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