Scams from (Sadly) the Airport Taxi

We never see airport taxi the same way again after encountered this by the reputable airport taxi.

Touched down in Watthay International Airport, Vientiane, Laos and took the airport taxi to the city, is.our.worst.ever.decision.


We were charged a fix rate of 57,000 kips to travel to the city. We requested to go to the bus station. The taxi driver thus asked us where would we want to go. We told him our next destination should be Vang Vieng.

I have did some research on where we should take the bus to other province, and it is near Talat Sao shopping mall, the bus station just opposite the morning market (everyone seems to know this place as if there is only one morning market) in Vientiane.

He suddenly stop by the road side, asked us to get down as if we have reached the destination. I am confused, thus asked.

“Bus station?”
“Yes bus station.”
“No. Talat Sao Bus station.”
“No no. Vang Vieng. Minivan. 80,000 kips.”

I was dumbfounded. What the heck? Since when bus station becomes two minivan bus stops. 80,000 kips? It should be roughly 40,000 kips sir!

I replied him, “No no. Take me to bus station.”

“No more bus station. No more.”

WTF? “What means no more bus station?” I asked.

“No more!”, while gesturing with his hand, “No more! Van to Vang Vieng, 80,000 kips”

By this time I partially believed that he saying the truth, that the bus station is no longer exist. Logically, if this bus station is cease to its existence/ under renovation, there should be a temporary bus station.

“Another bus station?” I asked cautiously.

“No more. NO. MORE. BUS. STATION.”

We are stranded: we are not familiar with the place, given this is the only option we have to Vang Vieng, we took in reluctantly.

After few days traveling to Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang, and after the grueling experience traveling in the local bus to Vientiane again, we found out that, THE TALAT SAO BUS STATION NEVER STOP OPERATING!


And he charged us double the original price.

Thought of taking an airport taxi? Think twice.

Take the taxi waiting outside the airport, if given me a second chance.

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