Laos’ Must-Eat!

Expect sandwiches, waffles, burgers, pancakes along the way in Vang Vieng, but if you are careful enough, you’ll soon find small stalls just behind those noisy street. And that quiet street, is where you find local food.

The monster hated (note that I use hate not dislike) western food in a tourist area I bet he dont know that I like it. It just make you feel homely and civilized and safe and real food. Well he got a point. Who wants to eat western in a foreign country? I mean come on, you dont get to travel to Laos everytime, and to travel to Laos to eat western? He doesn’t think so.

Thus we found a simple stall which a local couple looks like husband and wife hanging this menu on the wall behind them writing in words we dont understand. And we sit down.

The monster order something he dont know, names he cannot pronounce, words he cannot read, and food he never see. We waited.


1. Klao Niao (Sticky rice) – The one in a small basket
Well it’s steamed rice. But it is totally a different thing when you eat it in the cute little woven basket! Sticky rice is harder to digest thus you feel full after eating quarter of it (only applicable to me yea)

2. Tam Mak Tong (Green Papaya Salad) – The one in a plate (not meat)
It’s a combination of peanut, chillies, lime juice, sugar, various types of raw vegetables, slices of tomatoes and of course PAPAYA! The papaya is pre-matured green papaya thus it is sour. The mixed flavour of sweet, sour and spicy does make your stomach grumble and asking for MOREEEE! Serve as appetizer.

3. Sai Qua (Laos Sausages) – The one on the top left side
You might think I am insane, but, here i am, in Laos, sitting in the most insignificant place of all, eating THE BEST SAUSAGE EVER! I dont know how they do it but ohmygosh i couldn’t stop eating it! It’s pork i guess with some sort of spices which makes you addicted to it!

4. Sien Savanh (Laos Beef Slices)
This tastes even better accompanied by Beer Lao. They are super salty, thus to lighten the taste, it reduces the saltiness but enhance the sensation of the beer. Perfect partner! It’s crispy-but-chewy and its in slices, thus the perfect snack together with Laos’ Beer.

5. Yall Dib (Spring Rolls) – Not in the picture because we ate it with another couple of backpacker
Its spring rolls (fully meatless) and they are wrapped in a thin foil of rice?starch? where it’s semi transparent and it’s chewy. To be dipped in sweet and sour sauce.

6. Beer Lao
That cheap when Beer Lao is even cheaper than soft drinks! It’s cheap and light beer and you can find this everywhereeee! Normal beer but perfect for leisure.

Beer Lao

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